About Us



Mila is a hungarian Vizsla originally from Dunedin but raised exploring the plains and mountains of Canterbury. Known for their great hunting drive, willingness to learn and abundance of energy, the Vizsla makes a great indicating dog for many different purposes, as well as great family pet and loyal friend.

Trained to locate the aroma of fresh truffle, Mila loves her work and it’s hard to hold her back from any fresh scent. She has matured quickly and is performing extremely well for a young dog. She has already had great success in finding truffle and is rearing to go for another season in 2017.

Mila’s skills are not limited to the finding of truffle and she is an invaluable asset for the hunting of upland game and deer stalking.





20160716_141906The trainer and guardian of Mila. The easier of the two jobs in the team I have the enjoyable task of following Mila as she searches, giving the odd indication of an area to search, and dishing out praise on successful finds.

Originally from the sunny Hawkes Bay but living in Rolleston, I have a passion for working with dogs and learning about truffles and truffle cultivation. I’m currently studying towards a PhD in Biochemistry at Lincoln University whilst working with Mila to find other truffle growers product, which is very rewarding and I’m enjoying the challenge and satisfaction of working in a great team.