Growing your precious truffle is hard enough!

Let the specialised truffle dog team at element truffles find these invaluable gems for you!


2016 was our first year of operation and we succeeded in finding truffle for many growers in the Canterbury region. They often commented on how well Mila searched and many took us on for the rest of the season after our trial visit. View our testimonials to see what some had to say.


Having a good truffle dog really makes a difference to the success of your truffle block. It really is the most important part of the truffle production process as missed truffle are left to rot in the ground resulting in a loss in potential sales. This was highlighted last year after we searched a block that had very recently been searched by another professional team and were able to yield a 440% increase in edible truffle for the grower which would have likely otherwise been missed!


Based in Rolleston, Canterbury, we are available to service the Canterbury region and further afield as required


After the success of offering a free trial last year we offer a trial run for new customers who may wish to give us a go. You wont be disappointed and we may find more truffle than you thought you had!




Book now to ensure availability for the 2017 season: Contact Us


We also offer training services for truffle detection as well when requested